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Hello friends, welcome to my block today, so today we are going to review the phone of Real Me, I will definitely tell you some things about this article,

 till the last you will not have seen this phone which you have not seen inside YouTube. Whether or not you should buy this phone, what is its specialty,

how much battery backup is there today and how much RAM it has, today we will know all things in today's article, if you are falling on friends and our blog,

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Which Real Me Phones Are Under 10000

Realme C12 You will find this phone comfortably in the Amazon website, if you buy from Amazon or buy from the shop, then I tell you a few things, what are its features,

what is its RAM, what is its memory capacity, and how much can it infest To say how much expandable memory a job can do within itself,

it means that there are two ways in which a human being has two aspects, first aspect is his heart, second his mind and then third comes how much weight can he lift.

 We also have to understand the aspect of the phone, what is its RAM, how much is the memory capacity,

how much can it handle the memory inside and how much does it give the battery backup and how much we will get the backup by downloading the app as much as OK You will backup the phone RAM as much as it will back up the phone, so download the phone only for apps.

Realme C12 (Power Blue,  (3 GB RAM)

The RAM of this phone is 3GB which is very good if you are using a 4G sim then it is very good for you if you just like to watch videos and like to make videos then this phone is absolutely suitable for you.

With this, you can start your work routine comfortably. To keep 3GB of RAM from this phone right now,

you have to take a little care that at least keep the applications on your phone display which are not useless applications. What happens with this,

your internet will slow down and the phone will also slow down because there are extras that keep eating the internet, so do not download it at all without waste,

3GB is very good, you can use it, however the battery also will not affect this much if you Maintaining the phone means 3GB RAM and you are uploading the application display of 5gb, 

it will not happen, your phone will hang up straight away and battery backup will start giving less Do not download such application at all which is too much Lode lei hai to be open for download while opening in internet Do not act like such stupid

Realme C12 (Power Blue, 32 GB)

32GB Memory If you download songs inside your phone or download some videos, download photos that you don't see on the display, it goes through your backend,

it gets saved by going inside the memory. Under the condition, your memory keeps storing what is on the phone and whatever you download inside your phone,

you can go and see it inside the file manager inside the memory, then later you can delete it also.

And after that if you want to create more space inside it, then in this condition, while taking the phone,

 you should know that this phone which is this, how much memory it can hold inside itself,

 which is this phone You can store up to 256gb inside it, that means you can store so much data by inserting a memory card, by inserting an SD card, by installing a memory card.

Realme C12 realme mobile under 10000 rs

Phone here or phone will be delivered to you at 9000 rs at your home with absolutely free delivery, go to Amazon to order it or I will put the link, you will go directly to the official website on Amazon.

 And you can check it from there. There are great ideas. Battery backup is also good and the battery which has its backup capacity is 6000mh. In this condition,

 the battery backup can remove your day and night comfortably. Once charged, the shirt will be above. According to the things done, you use the phone,

will not go anywhere for 2 to 3 years, meaning the phone will not be spoiled, the phone with 6000 mAh battery is very low and does not get very good at a low rate.

All picture in review phone realme me under 10,000
All picture in review phone realme me under 10,000
realme mobile under 10000rs 

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realme mobile under 10000 rs in india

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